I feel that the marshall logo is very underrated. The script typography is very elegant and easy to for the customer to read. The illustrations on the exterior of the box has a simple style of graphic illustration.   

The packaging for this product really caught my eyes. The paper rap that encases the bottle is used for the ingredients and all the information most people arn’t bothered about. When its taken off, the bottle stands out incredibly and this creates focus for the logo itself.

LOGO - Shaving Products

Im not really into shaving products, but I have noticed they are coming into fashion along with their different and modern designs. I like how much time and effort has been put into the packaging. This shows to be that it is a quality product. Its what makes a company stand out from the crowd.

50’s inspired logos

I feel like this is where my logo was heading towards, but I didnt want to go down the mainstream hipsterish logos that are out there. I dont feel the need to use simple shapes when the initial logo looks better on its own. I say dont over complicate things, because sometimes its just not needed!!

This piece caught my eye, because of its simplicity in design. I like the use of corrugated cardboard to almost protect the product, but serve as packaging too. When I looked closer at the branding, it didnt make sense to me. Obviously the main object looks like tusks or antlers, but I didnt understand why it was there. I dont think it has been thought out enough to start selling it as a product. 

I really like the use of simple typography through this piece and I like the way that it has been packaged too. The simpleness speaks for itself, not over complicating the packaging but letting the design speak for itself.

the use of colour through the set work really well together, complimenting colours for me work great as a set.

Zine in a pizza box

I love the simplicity of this design. Im not sure the logo works as a whole as it is a bit offset with the rest of the piece. Pizza boxes are such a cheap and versatile way of packaging a product, I dont know why more and more people dont use them.

I think that for a t-shirt company to start selling their products or to even use them to give away free merchandise is a great idea. 

Madvillain box set by stones throw….

The demo tape is not the only thing which came along with this package of the 2008 “reworking” of Madvillain’s debut album by Stones Throw. It contained a CD, 7″, t-shirt and a comic book. The design was done by Stones Throw’s art director Jeff Jank.

The way in which the outer sleeve contrasts with the under box packaging works extremely well with the piece. Without looking closely at the product some people may not notice the big illustration underneath. I think it has been cleverly thought out and by using techniques like this only engages the viewer more.

stamps, wrapping-paper and cardboard: packaging by akaoni

Japanese design firm Akaoni created a corporate identity for honey producer Onuma Honey in 2009 and a gift set for them in 2011. I like how each stamp is a combination of the Japanese letters of the honey’s name (for example Sunflower Honey – the first one on the top left) and the simplified illustration of the plant itself.

I love the way that the printing process is shown through the art that is displayed on the packaging. Using a stamp means that every single piece is unique as the amount of pressure that is used is always different.

Adrian Froufe designed a range of packaging for 100×100. 100×100 is a brand dedicated to organic food that seeks to create links between rural producers and urban consumers.
The idea was to give the brand a new and attractive aesthetic component that breaks with the classic image of organic and environmentally friendly products.

All packaging of 100×100, except for the obvious elements, is made of the same material: corrugated cardboard, to which the seeds of various herbs are added in the manufacturing process. When the container is no longer useful, it can be planted and the seeds will sproud.

I think this is a very clever way of packaging a product, using the leftover cardboard as a carrier for new produce. 

I wanted to look more closely into how the Videre camera has been packaged. A simple cardboard box has been chosen for the body of the packaging. what looks like a screen printed design has also added to the authenicity of the product.

The product itself has been screen printed to produce the look of a vintage camera body effect when the pieces are put together. I feel that the vintage process of screen printing has been chosen to match the ‘old school’ camera design.

I do love how the design of the packaging reflets the product itelf. When you open the box it looks more like a childrens toy that would be cut out and glued. Overall it is what looks like a very simple, easy to put togther product with a simple packaging design to match

I came across an article…’The flat pack cardboard camera you can make yourself from a cereal box’

This instantly caught my attention as this is something I would like to achieve with my final product design. The camera itself is based on a vintage camera using analogue film to capture images. This idea of going back to basics and being hands on with your own personal creativity really appeals to me.

She said: ‘It goes back to the basics of photography and teaches you the fundamentals.’

‘It’s easy to use and the results are lovely’.

The final outcome and design is very detailed and appealing to the eye, something that would urge consumers to want to handmake and use.

Procon list

Created uclan photography degree show logo
Started branding for own clothing line
Spoke to friend about a logo design for his company
Visited uclan photography degree show
Visited salford uni graphic design degree show
Started design work on my own screen printing press
Attended book binding workshop
Designed sisters photography business cards
Talked with sister and mum about branding their photography business
Helped friend with designs for potential app
Visited Rufford printing company about potential placement
Worked on website for Willbounce bouncy castle company
Setup social networking sites for Willbounce
Laser cutting workshop
Spoke with client about new menu at champagne bar
Talked with graphic designer about potential placement
Started work on own website
Visited craft fair in Wigan
Visited graphic design and photography exhibition at AWOL studios